Arkstyle Architectural Office aims to give a complete assistance on all related aspects in the construction field. Experienced professionist in the sector take care of all the phases of design, construction supervision and coordination of all the teams in place until the delivery of the finished work. The project is conceived by combining the client’s desire with aesthetics and functionality. The staff is committed to creating unique and personalized architectures, aiming to achieve and exceed customer expectations.
Arkstyle Architectural Office is able to provide the following services:



The office employs intelligence and design in the development of ideas and projects concerning different architectural themes: the building of a mansion, of a tourist-receptive complex, the renovation of a flat, the recovery of a historical residence, the creation of commercial premises, the interior design for hotels and so on.



Arkstyle Architectural Office is able to care both about architectural restoration interventions of buildings with monumental historical binding and about simple restructuration of old buildings, manor farms, country houses and so on.
Our approach has the aim of satisfying the clients’ needs and at the same time of keeping the material spaces and structure of buildings as much as possible, with correct intervention on the building heritage.



The architectural office is specialized in interior design for hotels, commercial, managerial and residential premises. Works can be defined as sartorial ones. Environments are studied to be comfortable, exciting and able to create fascinating and welcoming atmospheres, paying the most accurate attention to the care of each detail that changes any project into unique and personalized
architectures. The highest care is addressed to the choice and employment of materials, from the most natural to the most refined ones. The office leads each client from the staring moment of the idea until the full finalization of works, in a constant exchange between desires and planning proposals.


The ancient tiles, made of cement paste, that covered the room floors of manor farms and liberty mansions in Salento, are the theme of the engraving of the slab in red metal stone covering the fire-place by antoniolupi.
The clear and dynamic geometrical lines of drawings create volume and movement by using the natural shades of the marble and the ones caused by the fire.
The project will be inserted in the catalogue antoniolupi and promoted during the national and international exhibitions of this field.


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